Avoiding Foreclosure: How to Keep Your Home in Your Hands

Foreclosure is a scary proposition for anyone. The home is where the heart is, and it’s tough for any family to pack up and find a temporary place to stay while you try and get back on your feet.

If you don’t want to ever deal with the bank trying to strip you of your home, then follow these helpful tips to make sure that your home stays in your hands, where it belongs.

Don’t Ignore the Problem

This is one issue that you cannot afford to put off. If you recognize that your home is underwater (that the equity of your home is less than what you owe on the house), then you need to act quickly. Refinancing is a possible option and one that works for many people who find themselves in this situation. Another potential option is to sell your home early before the home’s value falls even more. This is a tough choice to make, but if you believe that you can’t afford the necessary costs going forward, then it is the smart choice to make. A financial adviser can work with you to make the right decision. 

One reason many face foreclosure is due to the loss of a job. If you ever find yourself without work, reach out to your lender immediately and discuss your situation. Despite what you may think, lenders do not want to take your home from you. They’ll work with you to reduce monthly payments until you get back on your feet, or they may even suspend payments altogether.

So, if you ever find yourself in a tough situation, be proactive and don’t be afraid to seek help from a trusted professional.

Understand Your Mortgage Rights

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While hopefully, you have a firm grasp on the details of your mortgage, it’s a good idea to refresh yourself as soon as you see yourself potentially falling into foreclosure territory. Seek out your loan documents and read them thoroughly so you are aware of what may happen if you don’t make your payments.

You can use this helpful resource if you have any questions about your states foreclosure laws and time-frames, which varies state by state.

Budget Wisely

Budgeting smartly in times of financial distress is easier said than done. But even creating a rough outline of a budget can help you understand your finances and the moves that you must make with your money to maximize the amount you can put towards your mortgage. Any monthly memberships or entertainment payments, or other expenses that you can do without should be the first costs you cut.

Take Inventory of Your Assets and Use Them

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Do you own a second car, jewelry, or anything else that you can live without? Selling these assets can help you reinstate your loan. Is there another member of your home who can acquire a job, or a second job, to help bring in additional household income?

While these actions may not increase the overall income in your home by a lot, it will at the very least illustrate to your lender that you are willing to do what it takes to keep your home.

Be wary of Foreclosure Scammers

There are some people out there who will pretend to be someone you can trust and that they can help you avoid foreclosure, but will end up tricking you into becoming a renter in your own home. Check out this list of approved housing counselors courtesy of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Before signing any legal documents, make sure you speak with an attorney, a real estate professional, or a trusted financial advisor.

Minnesota Home Guys – An Efficient Option

At Minnesota Home Guys, we help people who are nearing foreclosure but don’t want to lose their home for an unfair price. We’ll buy your home from you, for cash, fast and efficiently so you’ll get a fair price for your home, as opposed to having it taken from you.

If you want to sell your home quickly, contact us today and we’ll work with you to avoid foreclosure and get you cash for your home.

Top 10 Companies that Will Buy a House in Any Condition

Are you in need of selling your home fast and don’t have time for renovations to improve your property value? While this may seem like a tough situation, there are various options for you in terms of companies who will buy your home no matter the condition. Here are the top 10 companies in Minnesota who will buy your home quickly and efficiently.

Why Sell your House for Cash Fast?

We all know that sometimes, life happens. And whatever the reason is, you’re in need of selling your home, but you can’t afford the time or resources it takes to not only renovate your home and then wait for someone to come along and purchase it. That’s where a company like Minnesota Home Guys comes in, we offer you cash for your home, no matter the condition. That way, you can avoid the pain of dealing with realtors, fees, and more.


HomeVestors is a Dallas based company that will help you bypass the long months of selling a home through traditional channels.

Fast Home Offer

Fast Home Offer buys houses in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Australia and promises a fair cash offer on your house.

Minnesota Home Guys

A real estate solutions company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota Home Guys has bought and sold over 100 homes. Whether you need to get rid of your property because of a divorce, foreclosure, or have been waiting too long to sell through a traditional channel, we’ll work with you to find that win-win solution for everyone. As a business that has successfully navigated through just about every real estate situation, you can trust us to get the job done.

Ryan Buys Houses 4 Cash

This company’s goal is to help make your life easier and help you get rid of your property that’s stressing you out, while still paying a fair and honest amount for your home.

Express Homebuyers

Express Homebuyers has been in business since 2003 and have the experience to make sure that you’re satisfied after selling your home.

Homestead Road

Homestead Road promises to help and serve you, not force you to sell your house. Avoid realtors, open houses, and expensive repairs with this home buying company

Main Street Real Estate Solutions

Main Street Real Estate Solutions can give you a cash offer for your home in 24 hours. Despite not being realtors, they promise knowledge of real estate to give you a fair price.

We Buy Houses

We’ll send our investor to come view your home, and give you a no-obligation cash offer.

Highest Cash Offer

Get rid of your home “as is” and avoid paying realty commissions, closing costs, transfer taxes, escrow and title costs, or costly repair work with Highest Cash Offer.

Herman Realty, Inc.

Herman Realty will buy  your home at a discount, but will pay cash, pay most normal closing costs, and they typically close fast and within your time frame.

The Ultimate Guide for Selling Your Home Fast (Tips and Tricks)

There are fewer situations more stressful than trying to sell your home especially when you don’t have the time or resources to wait months and months (and sometimes years) for the house to sell and for you to collect that money. If you’re currently trying to sell your home fast, try these helpful tips and tricks to increase your home’s chance of being purchased.

Find a Storage Unit for Your Stuff

A fairly common mistake for people trying to sell their home is merely shoving all their belongings in their closets or other available storage areas. While at first glance this may make your home look more appealing to prospective buyers, as it declutters your rooms, eventually people will want to look in your closets to check out how much space they have for storing their stuff. If they are jam-packed with your stuff, it’s not going to make the storage space very appealing to those prospective buyers. That’s why it’s best to find a storage unit elsewhere.

Photograph Your Home (hiring a professional can help)

For online resources where you’ll advertise your home, make sure that you have plenty of high-quality photos of your home. This includes every single room, with a few different angles for the bigger spaces. Before taking the photos, make sure that your house is clean and arrange everything in a way that makes your home look the best it can be. The way you set up your home for these photos should be the same for how it looks when potential buyers come into the house.

Remove Personalized Items From Your House

You should remove any family photos and other memorabilia that is specific to your family, as it will detract from the buyer’s ability to imagine their own family in the home. It will also make it easier for potential buyers to focus on your home’s highlighted features. If you have any paintings, ask yourself if they add to the appeal of the room, or if they distract. If you think any artwork you have in the home might be too distracting, then take it down in favor of a painting that blends in a little more with the room.

Don’t Be Afraid to Promote the House Yourself

If you hired a realtor to help you, that doesn’t mean you have to let them do all the promoting. Talk about how you’re selling your home on social media or other avenues, and who knows, one of your followers may be looking for a home, or they may know someone who is in the market for a new place. You never know! You may get lucky.

Make Small Upgrades to Your Home

No, you don’t have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars renovating your bathroom to try and add value, but little things like fixing that dent in the wall or putting on a new coat of paint on your walls can definitely help. Those small issues that you’ve meant to get around to or just weren’t that big of a concern when you were living there may be a big deal to those looking at buying your home. Therefore, make sure you take the time to fix even the small issues to make your home as perfect as can be.

Make Sure Your Home is Well Lit

An often overlooked aspect of your home is the lighting. While you may be accustomed to the lighting and it seems perfect for you, to potential buyers, it may be a little duller than what they are used to. Bright lights can help highlight the features of your home and can provide an overall better ‘mood’ in each room.

Do Some Minor Landscaping

The interior of your home is one thing, but the exterior and how it looks from the front yard is also a huge factor that your potential buyers will consider before they ultimately purchase. Once again, you don’t need to put a ton of money into a huge landscaping project. Instead, make sure to cut the grass, trim the hedges, and that any leaves or sticks are picked up in the yard before anyone comes to your home to look at it. Make sure your home as a strong curb appeal.

Set Your Table

As we’ve touched on, when your buyers arrive for tours of your house, the goal should be to help them envision that they live there. Another great way to do that is to set the dining room table with nice plates, silverware, and a centerpiece. It’s a small detail that will help make the house feel more “homey” for the interested parties.

Think Like a Buyer

This one can be a little tricky because every home buyer will have different preferences, as well as differing opinions on what they value the most. However, if you can think in general what new home buyers are really looking for, you can better arrange your home to what they want, as well as highlight specific areas that might interest them. For instance, the functionality of the house is something that will concern most home buyers. Make sure that all the locks on the doors work, the toilets flush properly, and all the sinks run smoothly.

Incorporate Flowers and Plants

Nothing can bring your home to life more than adding some natural aspects indoors. Some healthy, green plants in your house can make your home look all the more appealing, as can some decorative flowers in a vase.

Remove Pets or Any Traces of Them

Do not show your home with a pet still around, as many of your buyers may not want to live in a house that may have sustained damage from a pet. Or, if they or someone in their family has allergies, they don’t want have to deal with any allergens left behind. So, keep in mind that for some buyers, the fact that an animal used to live in the house is a deal breaker. Of course, still be honest with them if they ask and even offer to have a professional cleaner come in to thoroughly clean the house.

Promote the Neighborhood and Area

Your home isn’t the only thing you have to sell, but also the neighborhood and surrounding amenities. Is there a good school in the area, or maybe a park, library, or restaurant? Work hard to highlight not only the features of your home but also the area surrounding your home.

Consider Contacting a Company Who Will Buy Your Home Quickly

There is no guarantee that if you follow all these tips and even go above and beyond them, that you’ll still sell your house fast. That can be quite frustrating, especially if you are in a situation where you need the money soon.

It’s always smart to consider going with a company that will buy your home fast, no matter the condition of the house. At Minnesota Home Guys, we’re in the business of helping you. We want to make sure that you get out of the stressful situation you’re currently in by purchasing your house and we can close on your home within seven days of you contacting us. You don’t even have to worry about moving any unwanted items from your home, as we will either recycle or donate them. If you choose to go with Minnesota Home Guys, we’ll give a fair offer, pay all closing costs, and of course, make sure that you get paid. If you need to sell your home fast, reach out to us today!

Outside of white house sold fast by MN Home Guys

Charity Spotlight – The Wounded Warrior Project

Minnesota Home Guys is pleased to announce our charity for the month of September in our spotlight series, where we take 5% of closing costs in every deal we make each month and donate it to a charity that hits close to home with us.

For the month of September we have chosen the Wounded Warrior Project, a national organization that supports injured veterans. Whether they be physical or mental injuries, the Wounded Warrior Project offers the help our veterans deserve. According to, every warrior has unique challenges and goals which is why they offer a variety of veteran programs and services to help warriors take the steps they need to get better, free of charge.

Services the Wounded Warrior Project Offers:

There are 5 major categories of services that they provide; get connected, mental wellness, physical wellness, career and VA benefits counseling, and personal independence. Get connected is a networking program that allows veterans to join different community programs. The mental wellness program allows veterans to join interactive therapy programs for issues such as PTSD. According to the Wounded Warrior Project they have provided 42,000 hours of intensive outpatient care and therapy sessions. The physical wellness program gives warriors an extra boost at getting back into shape after an injury in the line of duty may have created a setback.

The career and VA benefits counseling program allows warriors an opportunity to learn what benefits they receive and helps them pinpoint a career path that fits their needs. The personal independence program is designed to help warriors suffering from moderate-to-severe brain injury, spinal cord injury, or neurological conditions take positive steps towards independent living. Services in this program include social and recreational, wellness, volunteer week, education, as well as other life skills.

How you can help:

James Kolde, one of Minnesota Home Guys founders and owners was a civilian firefighter at Camp Dwyer in Afghanistan where he built connections with veterans and is why the Wounded Warrior Project means a lot to him and our company. If you are interested in joining our initiative to raise money this month you can head over to to sign up for a one time, monthly, or an honor and memorial donation!  

Dedicated Professionals Using Our Simply Sold Process:

Minnesota Home Guys is dedicated to making sure our cash offer process is as quick and easy for everyone we encounter. Whether it’s outlining our process clearly, having a one page purchase agreement, allowing you to leave whatever you want behind, to closing in 3-7 days, we want to make your life a little easier when it comes to selling your home.

We pride ourselves when we hear stories in regards to our process, hearing the story from Holly, who sold us her house in Minneapolis really touched us. “I want to say thank you so much for what you both did helping everyone who is helpless and hopeless, you both helped me to sell my house.” Helping people like Holly is what we strive to do, we want to help people who are in a wide variety of different situations, get them the help they need, and take that burden of selling their home off their chest. “I will always share to everyone about how your business is the BEST!” If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the process of selling your home or just want to learn more about what we offer please feel free to reach out to us at (952) 649-3200 any time and we’ll help anyway we can!

Charity Spotlight Series – Make a Wish

Minnesota Home Guys is pleased to announce our charity for the month of August in our spotlight series, where we take 5% of closing costs in every deal we make each month and donate it to a charity that hits close to home with us.

For the month of August  we are spotlighting the Make a Wish Minnesota organization located in right here in the Twin Cities. Make a Wish Minnesota is an organization that grants children with critical illnesses wishes. Wishes can vary from going deep sea fishing, to meeting a famous athlete or celebrity, or just having a shopping spree at the Mall of America.

The Make a Wish founding principle of their vision is to grant a wish for every eligible child.  Wishes are more than a nice thing, they impact everyone involved, from the volunteers, administrators, to of course the wish kids, the impact varies and granting a wish for any child may help them get the courage to comply with their medical treatments and help parents feel a little more optimistic. The most important part is it just lets the kids be a kid, even if it is just for a day or week.

This charity hits close to home with our company with one of our own, Matt, who is a volunteer within the organization. Matt started volunteering for Make a Wish in June where he is a shopping spree assistant, helping visiting families navigate throughout the Mall of America when they come to town for their wishes of having a shopping spree there. Matt, as well as our director of finance, Heather, participated in the “Walk for Wishes” 5K event on August 4th at Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis.

Want to get involved with Make a Wish and/or want to donate? Please head over to to learn more about volunteer opportunities, or to donate. Stay tuned for our announcement on our website for our next charity on September 1st.

Dale Helm
Dale Helm
12:55 08 Jan 18
I highly recommend the Home Guys if you are looking to sell your home. The process was very streamlined, transparent, and straight forward. I worked directly with James whom I found to be a very honest, caring, and ethical businessman.James truly cared about our needs and listened to our concerns. Because of James our dream of a new home became a reality. A huge selling point for us was the fact that this transaction could occur far faster than a normal one, without realtor fees, closing costs, or the typical red tape.We had never done this kind of thing (selling to a home improvement company) but now that we have - we are really glad we did. It was the right move for our situation. If you are considering selling your home to a home improvement company (flipper) I do not think you will find a better one than the Home Guys - I give them the highest of ratings.
Dana Rankin
Dana Rankin
22:22 23 Sep 18
Great team awesome company!
Julie Amber Gianera
Julie Amber Gianera
15:20 14 Jan 18
Easy, easy, easy! I highly recommend MN Home Guys and would absolutely use them again. It was about two weeks from first contact to close, and then closing only took 15 minutes. Great company, wonderful service.
Brian Tucker
Brian Tucker
20:30 09 Jan 18
Easy to work with, very reasonable offer for my property, easy closing. Great doing business with them!
Brent Brent
Brent Brent
09:25 10 Jun 17
I contacted to Minnesota Home Guys to purchase our first home and really can’t say enough about them. They are knowledgeable, approachable and very professional. Buying a home in this market is challenging, but working with Minnesota Home Guys made it as painless and straightforward as possible. I would highly recommend them.
Grant Jones
Grant Jones
10:11 03 Jun 17
One of the best and fast services provider. They provided me a fair price for my house. I am totally satisfied. Thank you!
Andy & Mandy Fobear
Andy & Mandy Fobear
17:28 29 Mar 19
They have been a great team with who we have done work. Very nice, honest and genuine. "Do things right" is what they have said AND done.
Katie Wilson
Katie Wilson
17:21 02 May 19
This company was great to work with, it was like going through a usually stressful experience with a friend in the know. They were helpful and courteous and most of all kind. They treat everyone with empathy in an industry where it's commonly lost. I'd recommend them to anyone!
Claire Almon
Claire Almon
17:03 06 May 19
I had a very time sensitive situation and I had never sold a house before. I didn’t know what I was doing AT ALL which made it incredibly stressful to navigate through the sale process especially with the added pressure of a deadline ...then I met James from Homeguys. He immediately calmed my fears, made everything seem so easy and manageable and even helped me look for a new place! I had receives several different offers from other home investor company’s but in the end, I am so glad I went with home guys. James (and his lovely, patient wife) put up with my endless, sometimes nonsense emails and questions so kindly and walked me through any and everything that i didn’t understand.. I am so grateful for their kindness and patience with me. In the end, Home guys made this whole experience so much easier than I thought it would be and it went just as quick if not quicker than I thought it would. I would recommend homeguys to any and everyone that will listen!
Jane Thomas
Jane Thomas
16:28 26 Aug 19
I am completely satisfied with the service from Mn Home Guys. Brad was so good to work with. He answered all my texts and emails very promptly. Closing was very easy. There was no double talk, high pressure, and I was able to think through what was best for me without any unwanted suggestions. I would definitely recommend Home Guys if you need to sell your home effortlessly. Huge thanks to Brad.
Steve Huso
Steve Huso
21:29 12 Aug 19
I was exceptionally impressed by the integrity and competence of Minnesota Home Guys. Their straightforward approach and honest evaluation of the facts was impressive and invaluable for my decision making process. They provided a skilled and through examination of my property to give a clear range of potential options, with additional information to evaluate each option. I worked with Brad Sauer and appreciated his expertise and communication skills. I especially appreciated the careful consideration of my needs and the absence of any sales pressure. I highly recommend Minnesota Home Guys.
Aaron hanson
Aaron hanson
15:39 29 Aug 19
Will not return my phone call. Purchased a home that they flipped and are regretting the purchase big time. Unfortunately they had the JV team doing the work inside. We are accepting the consequences and are doing the best we can to make it our dream house.
Christopher Peterson
Christopher Peterson
20:40 26 Sep 19
I was looking into having my place bought outright, but James suggested I sell the house outright to obtain more equity. We listed the house at $199,000 and sold it for $210,000! My realtor, Tim, was very knowledgeable and made the process as easy as could be. I am definitely going to hire Minnesota Home Guys for any other real estate needs in the future.
Jeanmarie Dahl
Jeanmarie Dahl
00:58 23 Nov 19
Jamie Allen was my realtor and my experience with her was wonderful. I got more for the house than I expected. Even though the buyer's lender caused some stress Jamie went to bat for me and we were able to close the deal. I would highly recommend the Minnesota Home Guys.
Kristen Tonthat
Kristen Tonthat
22:20 05 Mar 20
We were fortunate in getting connected with Matt of Minnesota Home Guys during our search for selling our homes in MN. We would highly recommend him to anyone in the market to sell a home. We look forward to the opportunity to work with Matt again when we have any future real estate needs. Thank you!
M Marks
M Marks
22:07 02 Mar 20
Ryan of MHG found us a buyer just like that for our home that was in need of some updates. The price was in range of acceptable and he was very low pressure and gave us many nice options on how to complete the listing. We should be closing in a couple of weeks and I will provide an update.
Peter Busse
Peter Busse
17:27 13 Jan 20
We worked with Kay Edlund to quickly sell our older home in Bloomington and it went better than we could have ever expected. Kay was super diligent in working with us, always making time to communicate and make sure everyone was on the same page. She even worked to clean the home, since we were already in the process of moving into our new place. Kay worked with us to list the home at the price she assured us would move quickly but still get us a fair return. That worked out beautifully, as she got multiple offers immediately and we were able to go into a little bidding war and command even more for the property. Kay was amazing to work with, funny, honest and made us feel valued. While I hope to be in our new home for decades, if i was ever in the market to sell, Kay would be my first call.Thanks Kay!!
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