“How Can I Sell My Home Fast in Minneapolis?”

1. Price It Right

It’s not always easy to know where the pricing sweet spot is. If you price too low, you’ll lose money and it may create an image that something is wrong with the house. Price too high, and it may sit on the market a long time – and, once again, potential buyers may then begin to think something is wrong.

Pricing is one area where it pays to utilize real estate professionals. Using these professionals will get you the right comps in the area which will help you price your house in the right target range. One mistake home sellers tend to do is to overprice their home in order to reduce the price during negotiations. Remember, if it sits too long, both buyers and agents may overlook it as an old listing or even assume your house can’t pass inspections.

2. Improve the Curb Appeal

First impressions matter immensely. The first thing potential buyers see when they pull up to your home is the yard and the home’s exterior. So if you’ve been wondering, “How can I sell my home fast in Minneapolis?” improving the curb appeal is one of the best things you can do to speed up the sale.

This really doesn’t take a lot of effort or money. A little raking, mowing, and landscaping, along with touching up paint, will go a long way to helping increase your curb appeal in a positive way.

3. Remove Your Personality Fingerprints

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes for a moment. You find a home that you love and that you want to make your own. You walk inside and see another family’s photos, artwork, and other knick knacks everywhere inside “your” home of the future. Sounds like a turn off doesn’t it? For a quick sale, then, depersonalizing is important.

One place to start is by removing weird and idiosyncratic art and knick-knacks, taking down family photos, and painting over colors that probably won’t appeal to other people. The goal is to remove your personality fingerprints in order to neutralize your home to make it appear as a model home.

You’re trying to present your home as a blank slate. It should seem to potential buyers as a place where they can envision their life dreams playing out.

4. Offer Add-ons and Extras

It might be a good idea to sweeten the deal with add-ons and extras. Although it is not required by any means, a buyer might be more inclined to give you what you want (your sale price) if he or she perceives that they are getting something from you.

For example, offer to pay a portion (or all) of the closing costs. That would be a pretty attractive offer for a buyer. Or you could offer a transferable home warranty to cover major appliances and HVAC systems. This would put the buyer’s mind at ease and likely speed up the deal.


Those 4 tips are a good starting point when looking to sell your home fast in Minneapolis. However, there’s even more you can do to expedite the sale.

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