1. We are a locally owned, family run small business with family values and strong ethics
  2. We are not part of a national franchise, we are owned by Minnesotans
  3. We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau with many positive customer reviews and testimonials
  4. We help solve clients problems. We can help with moving expenses and time to move out after the sale.  We can help with other costs associated with moving including deposits on apartments, down payments, moving companies, etc.
  5. The company was founded by a firefighter and an engineer who were neighbors and play boot hockey together. The company has grown with a lot of other neighbors and friends help.  It is a community business. The business has a strong connection to the local community.
  6. We are here to educate and be as transparent as possible. We aim to be a resource for sellers to educate them about their various options even when it means not working with us.  Our goal is to help the seller find a solution whether they work with us or not. 
  7. We pride ourselves on integrity and our reputation in the community. People come first in our business. 
  8. We can close in 7 days, as-is, no contingencies. Many other investors will require longer and have contingencies. 
  9. We can provide many different options for selling to give the best combination of price and convenience.
  10. We are able to give sellers a down payment very quickly, usually in 1-2 days. 

Many of these things are not offered by our competition.

Please call us at 952-649-3200, to see how we can help you.