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We’re the most reliable and reputable home buyers in the Twin Cities. At Minnesota Home Guys You Have Options

OUR CLIENT-FIRST PROCESS - We can close in as little as 7 days - or whenever you choose. Leave your unwanted items behind, we will donate or recycle them!


Our team will meet with you to learn more about your unique situation and the property. You will receive your cash offer within 24 hours.


Our cash offers contain zero contingencies. There’s no tricks involved. Every offer comes with a guarantee to close.


With MN Home Guys, closings are simple. We handle closings in-house to minimize miscommunication. Get your property sold and get on with your life.

What Others Have To Say About Us…


“This was truly the smoothest and easiest way to sell my home.”

“I’m a disabled older gal and was looking for the easiest way to sell my home. The Home Guys came and took a look at my home…THAT EVENING my house was sold! They took care of everything, I literally did nothing but answer a few questions. I would HIGHLY recommend Jaden and his team to anyone looking to sell their house as seamlessly as possible.”

Pam A. from Savage, MN


“Wow, that was easy. Thank you.”

“It was an absolute pleasure selling to you guys. I seriously can’t believe how friendly and stress-free the whole transaction was. I’ve been wanting to sell for a couple years but I could never get the house in good enough shape. You came in, offered a fair price, and gave me a reasonable time-frame — and you said you’d take care of the rest. I have to admit, I was a little worried about that at first (there was a LOT to do) but you guys ACTUALLY took care of everything. I am amazed and so thankful.  P.S. Something else you don’t know…I had another company come to give me a quote — they spent the whole time bragging about how they always give the best price, and pushing me to just sign right then and there with them. I’m so glad I didn’t. Your offer was literally thousands more than theirs. So, thanks again!”

Jack I. from Plymouth, MN May 2017


“You guys are great — everything was taken care of properly.”

“Hi James, this is Paul calling. I just wanted to reach out to you guys to thank you.  I really appreciated working with you guys to sell my place and for everything you’ve done to help me get all of this stuff out of here. I will keep your number handy and if I have the opportunity will absolutely recommend your service to others. You have a good day now and I will talk to you soon.”

Paul from Saint Bonifacius, MN

MN Home Guys

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Zero Contingencies

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Still Have Questions?

How do you guarantee closing?

We guarantee closing on every offer we make. This is easily done because our team gets to know the seller, researches the property, understands current market trends, and has cash ready to close.

What are the fees?

When you choose to sell your property to us, we will cover the abstract update, title opinion, as well as closing costs. You will be responsible to pay any transfer tax as well as prorated property taxes. Since property taxes are paid a year behind in Minnesota. We will need to prorate the current taxes. You will only pay for taxes for the time you owned the property.

How fast will it close?

Once the offer is accepted and signed, we order the abstract update and a title opinion. If any title defects are found, we work with you to resolve them. Once the title is cleared, we set a closing date and begin preparing the legal closing documents. Closing date is usually 2-4 weeks from the time the offer is signed.