Big Issues You Could Run into If You Don’t Sell Direct-to-Buyer

You’d think that selling a house would be pretty straightforward. You just find someone who wants to buy it, they pay you, and that’s the end of it. Selling a house is rarely that straightforward though. In fact, there are some pretty significant issues you could run into, especially if you don’t sell direct-to-buyer.

Too Many Projects

Most homeowners know they should keep up with regular home maintenance and home repairs. That doesn’t always happen for any number of reasons. Even if you do keep up on maintenance, sometimes things happen. A pipe might break or wiring might go bad. Not selling direct-to-buyer means that there’s a higher chance that you’ll have to catch up on repairs and maintenance before you try to sell your home. That can mean getting buried under projects that take too much time and cost too much money.

Not Getting Offers

Once you start trying to sell your home, there aren’t any guarantees that you’ll find a buyer. You have to hope that the home’s features, the pictures, and the asking price are enough to entice buyers to make an offer. Some homes get sold lightning fast. Others can stay on the market for months. It’s one of the hazards of traditional selling. Selling direct-to-buyer, on the other hand, removes that uncertainty.

Offers Fall Through Due to Contingency Clauses

There are a few different contingencies that exist in real estate that can prevent a sale from going through. Appraisal, inspection, funding, and sale contingency clauses can prevent offers from going through. Remember, if the conditions of the contingency clause are met, the buyer can withdraw their offer without any repercussions. That can put sellers in a difficult spot. They tend to be less common in direct-to-buyer sales though. In fact, if you choose to sell your home to a direct home buyer like Minnesota Home Guys, there aren’t any contingencies that might get in the way of the sale going through.

Selling direct-to-buyer isn’t the right move for everyone, but it works really well for some sellers. It allows you to avoid certain issues altogether, making it so much easier to sell your home. If you want to explore the option of selling direct-to-buyer, contact a professional home buying company like Minnesota Home Guys to see what sort of offer you can get for your home.

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