Charity Spotlight – The Wounded Warrior Project

Minnesota Home Guys is pleased to announce our charity for the month of September in our spotlight series, where we take 5% of closing costs in every deal we make each month and donate it to a charity that hits close to home with us.

For the month of September we have chosen the Wounded Warrior Project, a national organization that supports injured veterans. Whether they be physical or mental injuries, the Wounded Warrior Project offers the help our veterans deserve. According to, every warrior has unique challenges and goals which is why they offer a variety of veteran programs and services to help warriors take the steps they need to get better, free of charge.

Services the Wounded Warrior Project Offers:

There are 5 major categories of services that they provide; get connected, mental wellness, physical wellness, career and VA benefits counseling, and personal independence. Get connected is a networking program that allows veterans to join different community programs. The mental wellness program allows veterans to join interactive therapy programs for issues such as PTSD. According to the Wounded Warrior Project they have provided 42,000 hours of intensive outpatient care and therapy sessions. The physical wellness program gives warriors an extra boost at getting back into shape after an injury in the line of duty may have created a setback.

The career and VA benefits counseling program allows warriors an opportunity to learn what benefits they receive and helps them pinpoint a career path that fits their needs. The personal independence program is designed to help warriors suffering from moderate-to-severe brain injury, spinal cord injury, or neurological conditions take positive steps towards independent living. Services in this program include social and recreational, wellness, volunteer week, education, as well as other life skills.

How you can help:

James Kolde, one of Minnesota Home Guys founders and owners was a civilian firefighter at Camp Dwyer in Afghanistan where he built connections with veterans and is why the Wounded Warrior Project means a lot to him and our company. If you are interested in joining our initiative to raise money this month you can head over to to sign up for a one time, monthly, or an honor and memorial donation!  

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