How Do I Sell My House As-Is?

Sell My House As-Is

Everyone knows that the condition a house is in impacts what it sells for. That’s why so many sellers commit to spending thousands of dollars and lots of time on getting their homes fixed up and renovated before putting them on the market. But what if getting your home all fixed up before trying to sell doesn’t work for you? Your best bet is to try to sell as-is.

Learn about As-Is Home Sales

While selling a house as-is has plenty of overlap with the regular selling process, there are some important differences you need to be aware of. One of the most important parts of selling your home as-is is making sure you properly disclose all known property defects. It’s not just enough to tell buyers that what they see is what they get. You have to get more specific than that. That’s the best way to make sure you aren’t held liable for repairs after the sale has been completed.

Find the Right Buyer

Not all buyers are interested in as-is homes. Some very much prefer homes that are ready to move into without having to take the time or spend even more money getting them all fixed up. Homes that are significantly damaged can be tough to sell. That said, you can still find a buyer even for homes that have water or fire damage. You just need a professional home buying company like Minnesota Home Guys. We’ve made offers on homes in all sorts of conditions.

Negotiate and Close

You may not have quite as much negotiating power when selling as-is, but that doesn’t mean you should accept an unfair offer. Make sure the sale details are fair for both you and the buyer. Once you’ve both agreed to the terms of the deal, it’s time to close. Closing can take weeks, or even months depending on who your buyer is. That’s another way Minnesota Home Guys stands out. We can close in as little as 7 days (or on your schedule, whichever works best).

Selling your house as-is can be the best option if you need to sell but aren’t able to take the time or spend the money to fix the place up first. Selling as-is comes with its own challenges, but they can be overcome. If you’re smart about selling as-is, you may even find that it’s a lot easier to sell as-is to the right buyer than it is to sell a home in great condition on the market. 

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