What It Looks Like When You Sell Your House for Cash

Have you ever considered selling your house for cash before? It’s not the route most sellers go–most sell their homes the traditional way by listing them on the market. As a result, you may not be familiar with what the cash home buying process looks like. In many ways, it follows the basic outline set by the traditional home buying process, but there are a few things that make it stand out.


The first thing you should know about selling your house for cash is that the selling process typically goes faster than it would if you sold your house on the market. That’s primarily because there is no lender involved. That means there’s no need to wait for credit checks, financing approvals, and other lender-required steps. If you sell to a professional home buying company like Minnesota Home Guys, you don’t have to waste time on contingencies that could result in the sale falling through (thereby increasing the time it takes to sell your house) either.


Real estate transactions can be complicated. That’s why most sellers choose to work with real estate agents. They deal with the technical aspects of selling a house so the seller doesn’t have to. When you sell for cash to Minnesota Home Guys, you don’t need a real estate agent to navigate the selling process. We’re real estate experts and we’ve put our experience into developing a simple, streamlined system to buy houses. Between our system and the work we do on our end, all the heavy lifting is done for you. 

Effortless (Nearly)

We like to think we’ve made selling your home effortless. Okay, so technically you do have to put some effort into selling your home, but it’s so minimal you might feel like you aren’t doing anything at all. You don’t need to get your home all fixed up and looking perfect. You don’t need to prepare your home for multiple showings and open houses. You don’t have to stage or even clean your home if you don’t want to. We don’t care about any of that, so feel free to skip it all and relax instead (unless you want to do it, in which case, go ahead).

Selling your house for cash isn’t for everyone. You may not get top dollar for your home (though you should still expect a fair offer that takes into consideration the condition of your home), which can put some sellers off cash sales. Still, the speed and ease with which you can sell your house for cash make it ideal for other sellers. If that’s what you need from a home sale, contact Minnesota Home Guys today!

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